52-Weeks Of My Life

Photos by Jacqueline Fay

Week 1 – #27 Movement


I was headed to the library when the sight of some lovely, back lit yellow leaves on a messy looking bush stopped me in my tracks. Instead of stopping at the library, I zoomed home, grabbed my camera, put my 100mm macro lens on it, and sped back to those gorgeous leaves hoping that the light would be the same. After snapping the leaves for a while and not liking the results – it was windy and they would not cooperate – I thought I would experiment with shooting some narrow, pale weeds that were just adjacent and try to capture the movement instead of fighting it. I fooled around with different shutter speeds and hoped for the best. I did some basic adjustments in Lightroom and then worked on the image a bit in Color Efex Pro 2. The final image looks nothing like the weeds themselves but I am hoping that I did capture their movement. The lower image is a flipped version of the upper one and makes me think more of ballet dancers in motion than flowers waving in the breeze.


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7 thoughts on “Week 1 – #27 Movement

  1. Interesting perspective, very creative.


  2. I love the soft colors, Jacquline.


  3. I really like the sense of movement and the colors Jacqueline! I like how you were flexible with the windy environment!


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