52-Weeks Of My Life

Photos by Jacqueline Fay

Week 4 – #2. A Stranger


While in Ybor City doing some Street Photography, a man across the street called out to me. He had spotted me snapping away and wanted to know what I was doing, so I happily crossed the street and said “hello” and told him. Then I asked if I might take his photo, explaining that he had a wonderful face and I would love to have that opportunity if he felt comfortable with it. Luckily for me, he was willing, and we spent a few minutes chatting before I took a few photos. He had a lovely, sunny disposition and taking his photo was a pleasure. However, I did not have my favorite macro lens for Street Portraiture on my camera and was concerned about how the photo would turn out using my 35mm prime.  Taking this photo made me feel a bit like a naughty school kid since on this photography outing my assignment was to do Street Photography rather than the Street Portraiture which comes to me more naturally.

Ybor stranger

8 thoughts on “Week 4 – #2. A Stranger

  1. Jacqueline, you have a true personality for engaging strangers. This is a great black and white photo.


  2. Great story. I like the easiness in his posture and position. It looks good in black and white.


  3. This is the one area that we do not share. I do not enjoy street portraiture and you do it so well.


  4. Thanks, Sue! I remember you telling us that at our first focus group meeting a few years back, LOL :-).


  5. Not only is this a wonderful b & w portrait, but the tight composition draws the viewer smack dab into the center of his story. Ybor is fascinating by itself and by adding its inhabitants, you have upped the ante. Love it!!


  6. Thanks so much for this kind comment!


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