52-Weeks Of My Life

Photos by Jacqueline Fay

Week 2 – #33. Part of a Face/Head


While in Ybor City recently, I spotted this brightly colored storefront and thought I would wait for someone interesting to pass by so that I could photograph them in front of it. After a few minutes, a young woman walked by and spent what felt like an especially long time leaning into the window and conversing with someone within. Judging from her body language, I developed the distinct impression that she must have some warm feelings, possibly even romantic ones, for whomever was behind the glass but too much in the shadows for me to see. I waited until the man leaned forward just enough for me to snap a few photos and capture both his and her expression.

Even though I was only able to visualize a part of the man’s face/head, I felt that I was able to confirm my original suspicion:  that there were indeed some warm feelings between these two people. It also struck me that the colorful storefront matched their happy moment in one another’s company.

Buying a drink

8 thoughts on “Week 2 – #33. Part of a Face/Head

  1. This photo is colorful in more ways than one. Your photo is proof that it pays to wait until just the right moment to press the shutter release button.


  2. Sunny smiles and sunny colours. Lovely shot to capture.


  3. Interesting story and lots of color to add depth to your image


  4. Thank you, Sue! It is so nice to get feedback on my images since I started this blog 4 months late…


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