52-Weeks Of My Life

Photos by Jacqueline Fay

Week 8 – #14 Enclosed


Recently, after a hectic week, I drove down to Boca Grande with my list of blog themes in the hopes that I could a) clear my head and b) start to catch up on my blog posts.

When I reached the lovely chapel by the beach, I noticed these two trees entwined with one another, and my first thought was how enclosed the palm tree looked in the embrace of the strangler fig. When it came time to process the photo, the lovely textures in the trunks of both trees seemed to call out for a black and white treatment, so that is what I settled on. Yesterday would have been a better day to post this since it was Valentine’s Day, but I figured a day late wouldn’t be so bad :-). Enclosed_.jpg

13 thoughts on “Week 8 – #14 Enclosed

  1. Great capture and good eye. Like it in B&W


  2. perfect! I’ve not heard of this “fig” before – have to be on the look out for one.


  3. Thank you, Patricia! The first time I saw this occurrence between these two types of trees I was just amazed. It looked so odd. If you keep a look out, you will see it yourself sometime too 🙂 Very cool!


  4. Nice photo, Jacqueline.


  5. Beautiful textures on both the trees. Great how they are entwined. Well spotted.


  6. Thank you for your nice comment, Trudie!


  7. nice texture and love the look of fingers wrapping around the tree.


  8. Thank you, Sue, for your comment!


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