52-Weeks Of My Life

Photos by Jacqueline Fay


January – Something Blue

There is a park in our neighborhood where I walk every day. Sometimes I walk there in the morning by myself, and nearly every night my husband and I do laps around the park after dinner when it is dark.

No matter what the time of day, I am always intrigued and fascinated by the shadows created by the huge pine trees that ring the park. On this particular day, I decided to snap a few shots with this blog in mind.

On first glance my shots looked a bit drab, so I enhanced them and added a bluish cast to the shadow thereby satisfying the blog title, Something Blue.



January – Macro in Mono

One early morning as I kissed my husband and daughter goodbye outside our front door, my eye was drawn by the shadows cast by the bird of paradise onto our driveway. I was then struck by how much the shadows looked like trees and felt compelled to snap a few photos before the sun came up and eliminated the shadows.

Several days later, I was taken in by a crumpled white tissue on our dark wood dining room table. It was the play of light and shadows on the tissue that grabbed and tantalized me and I could not let it go. To my husband and daughter’s amusement, I once again had to grab my camera and start snapping. To their credit, they have become quite tolerant of my need to photograph odd things.

For this photo, I merged the two images in a way that I found pleasing. I enjoy using images that are unrelated and creating something with them that is so different from where I started.



January – Nest

Our five month-old kitten, Aelin, was the runt of the litter and has the most innocent and sweet expression atop her diminutive frame. Her personality is, however, that of a fearless tiger, and when she is in motion, watch out! On the day that this photo was taken, the temperature had dropped and she had taken refuge in her kitty condo which she was using as her little “nest” in which to stay warm between skirmishes with her brother, Jasper, and ravaging our house. 661177A2-A1F7-4F60-B972-1CCEA95330A4


January – “J” is for Jewel

After admiring the riot of color in a pot of caladiums outside a store in Venice, I decided to get one for our front stoop. One morning as I stepped out of the house after a rain, I was bowled over by how the droplets on the leaves resembled precious jewels. I then spent about an hour photographing the plant from as many a angles and distances as I could. It was such a peaceful way to start my day.



Week 4 – D is for Dawn


A couple of weeks ago, I staggered into our living room at dawn after a sleepless night and was greeted by this glorious sight. I knew that it would not last long, so I ran for my phone and snapped a few photos. Within a short while, the sky and water had lost their rich color and looked quite bland. I was grateful that I had woken up so early!